22 definitions by Boots

one who is averse to hard work and eager to leave early
He's going home before his shift ends? What a slidey!
by Boots September 24, 2003
Standing around asking someone for their things(usually food)
Man#1 give me some chips please
Man#2 Bui, stop loafing dawg. Go get your own stuff
by BOOTS December 02, 2013
engaging in an activity of senseless enjoyment and dubious legality
Yavonda stole a bunch of cutlery from the farm stall. She totally was pillaging the Amish.
by Boots August 03, 2004
See BST.
"Grant and Forrest are the masters of the Butt Sex Train, known casually as BST"
by Boots April 25, 2004
Anal sex with your girlfriend.
After years of begging I finally hit the sexual jackpot!
by Boots December 06, 2007
a form of a headline that spans two pages, connected by ellipses
At the community newspaper ...
... people did this all the time
by Boots November 30, 2004
A big Goon
The Big Manjoe
by boots June 24, 2003

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