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Islamic Fundamentalists , as with Christian Fundamentalists, are Muslims who take the Qu'ran literally 100%.

Those who believe that secular states should be replaced with theocracys.

A conservative movement withen Islam.

Also used by conservative western journalists to describe any Muslim, as to indirectly incite hatred of peacefull Muslims in general.
'dem islamo-facists and al'kayda are tryin to turn my boy into a towel head.

Fox News: Islamic Fundamentalists will break into your house and rape your wife if you don't vote for bush. National Security!!!
by Boooody September 04, 2006
A place that was designed to define slang and other terminology, but is now used a forum to voice political convictions and add definitions to words that should be on Wikipedia
Still a great Site. Urban Dictionary
by Boooody September 04, 2006
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