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An ancient discipline developed in Honduras where a male bends over and a female licks the area between his nut sack and his butthole, aka the gooch, in a manner so determined that her nose becomes lodged inside of his butthole. More commonly known in the United States as, tainted love.
What did you do last night?

I brought this chick back to my place and it got crazy.

Oh, yea? Was she a freak?

Hell yea, she got so into it she ended up getting a Honduran nose job! We won't be seeing eachother again.
#gooch #tainted love #grundle #taint #art
by BookWerm February 28, 2011
The foreign tradition of bending over and having a girl lick your grundle. For best results the girl should WANT to be licking your grundle; no one wants half-assed grundle work done. After all, it’s “tainted love”, not “tainted like”.
What are you so happy about?
Your mom gave me some tainted love last night. I hadn't showered in a week!
#gooch #taint #tainted love #grundle #love
by BookWerm February 28, 2011
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