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4 definitions by Booington

A generally mild-mannered person driven to "revolutionary tactics" to bring unity and equality into an oppressive, restrictive situation in the workplace/college, where the management/tutors are draconian and bullying of their staff/pupils.
Person A: How was work today?
Person B: That place just brings out the Che in me!
by Booington October 07, 2006
A combination of your eye balls and your ears. To be used when both senses are used simultaneously for the same purpose, like watching and listening to a concert.
Oh my god! That concert was terrible! It made my ear-balls bleed!
by Booington October 07, 2006
A piece of jigsaw puzzle that has bent or broke, causing it to not fit properly, or if it does - it will look odd.
Damn, I've got a dignek in my jigsaw puzzle!!!
by Booington September 04, 2006
A hybrid comprising of a snowflake, and a fish
I am a beautiful and unique snowfish
by Booington September 04, 2006