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Tu Tu, is an action which is not unsimilar to ignoring someone, but its done in a non malicious way.

TuTu is usually made by a Derek, Dez or Dezza, however, it has been known to spill out onto friends that are close to him, and it has been known to affect Trevs .

In laymans terms, its when you text, call or ask a Derek/Dezza/Dez a question, or even say something which requires a response and to recieve nothing, however, it is responded to, in said Derek/Dezza/Dez's own time.
Average response time is usually 5 days
Longest known response time was, 7 weeks.


TuTu'd:: I asked him last week, but he's tutu'd me
TuTu'ing: I asked him yesterday, but i think he TuTu'ing me.
Well, he has done a TuTu again.
by Booielicious January 25, 2010

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