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The nastiest kind of Woman alive. Usually a Wiccan of some kind. Feeds raw meat to her animals, Bites little children, gets DUI's and says "Shame on you" quit a lot. She is the kind of woman who gets plastic surgery so that she can attract more victims. Her main goal in life is to screw as many people out of their money as possible. There are some really nice things about a Bobbi though: She is nice to dogs, Rottweilers in particular, loves goats and chickens. She is very smart and is an avid reader. However smart she is, she still remains very awkward in social settings and folks usually walk away “not quit sure” about her. She has a good sense of humor as long as you are not poking fun at her. Usually Brunette with no ass. Strange, but in general this kind of woman has almost no booty, but usually will have quite big boobs and quite fake boobs. She is beautiful in dim light but come light of day you will realize that she has been “39” for A LONG TIME.

* Be warned Bobbi's DO NOT care if a man is married- In fact that is just a bit more of a challenge for her. So women be warned: if a girl called Bobbi is a "friend" to your husband be VERY suspicious.
"I'm serious! she just thru raw meat onto my carpet for her animals! yes, onto my WHITE carpet. That Bobbi is one strange chick"
“She is suing for sexual harassment even after she chased him?? Wow- that is a Bobbi if I’ve ever heard of one”
by BoobieJ December 03, 2010
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