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The stage of drunkenness, that leaves you completely retarded, acting a fool, usually ending with "you" causing a scene. More than likely, the choice of drink is either Jack Daniels or a few too many Dos XX with shots of Patron... Or a mixture of all three!
** Of Course there are multiple stages of being Wasty Pants, however, somehow they all end with embarrassing photos of person being a total fucktard on Facebook...
Q: "Did you see that guy over there? Man, he is so Wasty Pants..."
by BooBookittyfck23 September 05, 2012
One hell of an Awesomeness bitch... With one hell of a snatch!! Sweet smellin & sparkly without much effort, if any at all... Drippin wet, one would be LUCKY to ever meet such a Rarity, much less hold off without getting her off first... Happy Hunting!!
"And with her SugarSnatch, I almost blew it 5mins in... Bro, damn it didn't think I'd ever say this, Chick had me hearing Wedding BELLS!"
by boobookittyfck23 March 15, 2013
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