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Someone who is jealous or envious of another person.
Look at that jelly face muthafucka. Always hatin on me because I got big paper.
by Boo & Brasen May 01, 2009
It's a way to playfully insult someone by saying their stomach sticks out more than their penis (weenie) does.
Guy#1 Man you got a "weenie do"!!!
Guy #2 What's that?
Guy #1 Dog, your stomach stick out more than your "weenie do"
by Boo & Brasen March 15, 2009
At certain convenience stores or gas stations,usually in the hood, they make you "pay before you pump" to keep you from stealing gas, similar to a "trick" having sex with a prostitute or a "hoe". You have to pay before you "pump". This could make you feel like a gas trick.
I'm sick of gas trickin'!! How come I can't pay for my gas after I pump like they do in the burbs'?
by Boo & Brasen April 30, 2009
Suggestion towards a stripper or female meaning to let me see your ass, titties, and pussy.
"Take it off bitch, Bend over, let me see it".

Dancer: Would you like a dance?
Dude: Yeah baby, Let me see it.
by Boo & Brasen March 15, 2009
To mix water in your alcohol or liquor to prevent you from getting a hangover.
Man#1 Hey, you wanna mix that vodka with a little bit of sprite?

Man#2 Naw, I'm drankin' this shit branch so I don't get a headache.
by Boo & Brasen March 15, 2009
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