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4 definitions by Boo!

This is a name that belongs to beautiful and smart Gujrati girls.
Hreem goes to Wash U
by Boo! January 15, 2004
a nice, cool person
i am THE rutali
by boo! April 22, 2003
One who is in love with two girls at the same time
Man, I'm in a pickle. Shankadoodle.
by Boo! April 09, 2003
Em Um..shes burning hot and sexy like a girl can be..um she charms me with her eyes everytime i behold her and makes my head dizzy *looks to the right* hmm booty..oh yeah she has a lucious booty so soft and smooth..um well shes a girl what else you wanna know?!
She was playing in the house with me! yeah playing! well atleast she promised she would, well almost atleast um well i hoped so atleast..nyyh i love her why wont she love me someone tell me!
by Boo! April 18, 2005