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2 definitions by BonyToadland

Noun, verb, adjective, adverb.

1. N. -- Rare out of print. Refers to vinyl jazz albums and the like.

2. V. -- An editor's threat, let's say, to a fledling writer.

3. Adj. -- Describes/modifies a vinyl jazz album and the like.

4. Adv. 'Rare Ooply' -- Mostly a particular maudlin state of mind.
Examples correspond to the definitions above.

1. That Rare Oop went for $5,000 on Ebay.

2. If you don't shut up and write me a good novel, I'm going to Rare Oop your nary ass!

3. That's a Rare Oop comic book, my friend, and is worth a bundle.

4. Lt. Mike felt Rare Ooply about leaving the Navy.
by BonyToadland November 27, 2006
9 1
Noun, adjective, adverb, and verb.

1. A phrase that, when repeated again and again, morphs into quite another, unsavory phrase.

2. The name for an ancient Siamest proverb. "Whatana Ssiam" means, in Siamese: "The eye of the fart." Or, in addition, "The I of the fart."

3. Political themes of the Dukakis and Kerry campaigns, on the Democrat side, and the George Allen and Rick Santorum campaigns on the Republican side.

4. A hex as old as the Middle Ages.

5. A Siamese bathroom dance. Preferably chanted before one's Cosmonaut is splashed down.

Whatana Ssiam
What ana Ssiam
What an aSsiam
What an ass Iam
What an ass I am
What an ass I am

by BonyToadland November 26, 2006
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