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While someone else is driving, you and your partner have sex in the back seat, the driver is going around curvey roads. You ride that rollercoaster out!
Sex in a car going through back roads. Feels like riding a curvey rollercoaster, BUT BETTER
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 21, 2010
Having sex one way.Then flipping and having sex another way.
You start out doing doggy style. She is hanging off the bed. You go about 30mins. a mirror really sets the mood then when she is just about to have an orgasm perform the Houdini Flip, you flip her over while she is still hanging off the bed, and then go another 30mins. normal. Then after she gets over her orgasm she won't remember how she got turned this way.Trust me
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 August 01, 2010
The guy fucks a girl in the ass. Then she gives the guy oral sex. thats the Chinese Buffet :)
Well its not as bad as eating a black dog.
have sex in the ass then have oral sex. thats the chinese buffet!
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 21, 2010
Have sex in a swimming pool and watch the waves crash against your back while you are holding the side of the pool. Fucking like crazy you can go for hours underwater. Trust me ;)
You will always creat the Motion in the Ocean by having sex in a swimming pool
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 21, 2010

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