1 definition by BombayBonghits

The ultimate state of mind. After hits of the finest ganja this state comes on. You feel like your in the same world but everything is funny, round and movie like. You might get a bit panicky and walk around trying to be sober but your just fucking gone! Licking your lips makes you feel like an old man and time is slow as hell. You make the best quotes in the world and you feel everything is about now. If you get really stoned you may feel like your house/town is the biggest place in the world, everything is oing on now. You feel like your watchin yaself
Mate 1: maaatteee i think ive missed something important
Mate 2: your college interview
Mate 1: what?
Mate:2: ahaha stoned!
Mate 1:my bus is gone!
by BombayBonghits October 09, 2010

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