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A YouTube Call of Duty commentator. A true silverback, s1mple gives it to you straight and doesn't sugarcoat shit. Though not the best player, s1mple is one of the realest commentators out there while maintaining a great sense of humor. He talks about being successful as a teen, sexual stories, things that piss him off, and more. A lot of people are sensitive to his videos but he's a cool guy. Love you man, waist-hug-mouth-open!

"A bukakke is when you have one female -- or a dude, whatever you're into. Hey! I don't judge, the bible says not to. There's one female in the center of this room and you got a bunch of dudes just fuckin jerkin their girken until they fuckin spray their white load all over this bitch. And she looks like a straight-up glazed donut.
by Bolo2k10 August 07, 2011
When your zipper catches the foreskin of your penis, creating an excruciating pain that can hurt for hours. This usually happens after taking a piss. (As seen in the movie "Something about Mary", featuring Ben Stiller)
Joe: "Awww dude, the other day I gave myself a Ben Stiller Circumcision after takin a piss, it fuckin hurt."

Larry: "Cool story, bro"
by Bolo2k10 December 13, 2010
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