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n. An endearingly annoying individual.
"Aw, she's so cute, but I wish she'd stop pulling my hair. What a little twitbanger!"
by Bollypoop January 08, 2004
n. Minivan used as public transportation in Armenia. Made to seat about 12 passengers but normally can accommodate about 50 squished Hayastantsis. Quite smelly in the summer months. Very cheap by Western standards, about 20 cents US. Recently a limitation was placed on marshutkas: no standing passengers. This was placed due to a horrible crash that killed several patrons.
US Embassy Employee: "Does that marshutka go to Baghramyan St.?"

Passerby: "Where's your Land Rover today?"
by Bollypoop January 08, 2004
n. Person who sports a short-long (mullet) even though the 80's are long-gone. Also someone who hangs out in front of Becker's and acts dumb.
Hey, look at all those chippers in front of Becker's.
by Bollypoop January 08, 2004
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