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When Females choose, staying with, or going out with their girlfriends over, staying or going out, with one of their Casual Boyfriends or a random Guy who they have just met. Or hookups
Two Girls at a Night club,

' Girl 1: " Hey Girl 2 i'm going to have coffee at a cafe now, just met this Hot guy," . Girl 2 : "Girl 1 ! what the hell ! You came with me, so you have to leave with me !, It's "Sistas before Mistas" remember !"

Hmm, i have two free tickets to a beyonce gig tonight, hmm, i'd better go with Jacqui and not Mark because i only met mark a few times and Jacqui and i have been besties for years. After all it is 'sistas before mistas'
by Bojacke January 26, 2012

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