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A weird addiction to any/all programs, documentaries, e.t.c. featuring the sad existences of drug, alcohol, sex, OCD's, and any other addict.
"Man, we need to do an 'intervention' on Bill; All he ever talks about is "Intervention" or "Hoarders." "What an addiction addict!"
by BoiseBoltfan April 26, 2010
Someone who always manages to cop a buzz, get drunk, e.t.c. without ever providing any "party favors" or even chipping in financially.
Joe is such a freeloady! Every weekend the rest of us finance his habits!
by BoiseBoltfan August 06, 2010
An idiot who misquotes and/or mixes up Nostradamus' 'predictions'; also, any lunatic 'doomesday' or conspiracy theorist, especially those with access to a microphone or video equipment. (See: Glenn Beck, Jerry Falwell, Rev. Jim Jones).
"OMG!! Glenn Beck just said Arizona's gonna secede from the United States and become a sovereign nation!!" "Whoa, CHILL OUT dude; Nostradumbass doesn't know what the hell he's talking about."
by BoiseBoltfan May 14, 2010
"Stems and seeds" refers to the hodge-podge of loose change one has prior to being COMPLETELY broke. To clarify, 'stems and seeds' are NOT the huge containers of change that people gradually compile; rather, the term applies to the usually worthless (i.e., mostly pennies) coins you're down to right before payday.
"Anyway, we stopped to grab a draft on the way home from work, like we usually do. Dumb-ass me forgets I'm broke, and I order the first round. At the exact moment I saw the barmaid turn the corner with a trayfull of tall-boys, it finally dawned on me that I was down to my 'stems and seeds.'
by BoiseBoltfan May 25, 2010
a social/fashion trend in recent years where American women (especially ditzty teens and freshly-turned drinking age hotties) seek out any/all African-American males. Said chicks then IMMEDIATELY "go public" with their 20 carat "black diamond" by spending every second of their lives 'showing off' their man (or baby-daddy, or whatever she passes him off as to the entire world).
"Did you see that skanky blond booger-hog struttin' around the club showing off her new Black Diamond, all-like she was the f------ Queen of England an' shit?"
by BoiseBoltfan May 14, 2010
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