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42 definitions by Boggler

Phrase, short for (gotta have it);used
as a modifier.

GHI can also stand for gotta have it culture,gotta have it mode,or any other word ending.
We live in a GHI obsessed society where impulse buying is the norm,especially with the advent of Internet commerce.
by Boggler March 17, 2004
Acronym. (verb). Stands for Pay out of Pocket. Often refers to a consumer having to pay for services or products not covered under one's insurance plan.
The insurance plan was far from perfect. While it did cover my doctor appointments, it did not cover my prescriptions, so I had to (POOP) for my medicines. Pooping--paying out of pocket.
by Boggler April 01, 2005
(exclamation), also sub. for fuckin', fucking. Also, see freakin'.

1. The word can be used as a toned-down version in a formal or public setting to address excitement. "friggin awesome", or "friggin sweet".

2. Can also be used by those who simply are too afraid to say "fuckin'" or "fucking", thus censoring themselves.
1. "Hey Gina, have you stopped by that new internet cafe in town? It's friggin' great!"

2. "this weather is driving me friggin insane."
by boggler September 01, 2006
(n). Coffee so acidic, of poor quality, or of extreme dark roast, that it upsets one's digestive tract. Joe, meaning slang term for coffee, and GI, meaning the gastrointestinal tract, or digestive system.

a). See starbucks.
Oh, man. My tummy is killing me. That last back of G.I. Joe really put my stomach in knots.

"Hey man, you wanna meet up at Starbucks?"

"That's a negative. How about we go to Dunkin Donuts instead?"

by boggler July 30, 2006
acronym. Stands for Shit That Undertakes Financial Flounderings.
Anything that is not a needed item, a luxury item, esp. an accumulation of items that one does not use, and could get money for them.
There is so much STUFF in my closet. After so many years of impulse buying, I must have over 1000 items in my STUFF inventory.
by Boggler March 18, 2005
action: (esp. masc.)--peeing over the top of the toilet seat or urinal and missing the intended target. Rimshots are usually caused by a sudden jerk--a cough or a sneeze.
There was pee all over the floor. Someone must have just done a rimshot.
by Boggler March 04, 2004
FYI (n) (short for fine young intellect): A very bright, gifted young individual who excels in almost every subject he or she is studying; esp. a fast learner.
Julie was not just a very diligent student. She was a fine young intellect, capable of identifying a species' call by hearing only a mere fraction of a second of it.
by Boggler March 17, 2004