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The c-walk or crip walk is a thing of the crips gang.
It was used by crips at partyes to diss the bloods by writing bloods and then x-ing it.
it was also used afther killing someone to give the kill a crip signature.
The crip walk is only to be used by crips, at least that's what they say.
It can get you harmed or even killed if you do it in the wrong part of the city(especially la, but ny too). And keep in mind that crips don't like you doing they walk so they meght hurt you too, not just the bloods.
you can see the crip walk in snoops drop it like it's hot vid, also in get your walk on by xzibit. These are real crips so they know it the right way.
by BogdanR October 06, 2005

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