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Launceston is a small town, situated in Tasmania... If you've never been there, then you should consider yourself lucky. Many people hold the belief that Launceston is a lovely place... they're wrong.

The Brisbane street mall in the heart of Launceston has become known as 'bogan central'. This is where children/teens participate in daily activites such as smoking, vandalism, fighting and theft - these people have become known as 'mall rats'. The skate park (known better as 'royal') is yet another general gathering area for bogans. Walking through the skate park, you'd notice (just like the mall) smoking, vandalism and fights... if you continue to walk through the skater then you'll notice a few empty alcohol bottles, goon bags and bongs - this is all part of the natural bogan life at royal.
Tourist: Is that child drinking from a goon bag?
Tourist 1: It's Launceston... what do you expect?!
by Bogan101 April 23, 2011
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