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2 definitions by Bodriz

Nac mac feegle, stared in the terry pratchet books, Wee Free Men, Hat full of sky and Wintersmith. In the books they help tiffany aching with various quests. They are covered with blue tatoos so they look blue, they are about 6 inchs high and extremely strong. they have long red hair, enjoy stealin', fightin' and drinkin'. they talk with a scottish accent
Tiffany: Are you fairys?
Feegle: ach aye, dinnae ye ken tha'?
Feegle 2: aye we're the wee free men. an' we're all scunners ye ken?
by Bodriz October 30, 2006
Rabbits per minute.
the BV6000 is capable of 20 rpm (thats rabbits per minute)
by Bodriz August 09, 2006