4 definitions by Bobert (Imma girl)

Nickname for those with the first name of Arden.
Arden: At the soccer game tonight, you have to cheer for me, okay?
Arden's friend: Okay Ardey!
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 01, 2006
A kind of awkward word for your last name to derive from if you're a girl.
Jacklyn: Hello! I'm Jacklyn Bigam!
Random person: Bigam...? As in...?
Jacklyn: Bigamy. Yes. Shut up now.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 05, 2006
An odd word to come across when, in grammar, you are supposed to put it into the past tense.
I owned a yellow canary.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 01, 2006
A term used to describe a male who is an overweight, fatass retard thinks he's good at everything when in fact he sucks, and whose favorite phrase is "proskill". Also may be gay, and thinks he's hot.
Stefano: What'd you get on the math test? I got 45%. I OWN you with my proskills!
Random kid: Um, that's great... I got 90%.
Stefano: *tries to slug random kid in head but misses and slugs self instead*
Random kid: Oh, yes. You OWN me.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 01, 2006

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