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/noun/ -- The practice of fruadulently marrying more than one spouse
John married Jane without divorcing Mary and is thus guilty of the crime of Bigamy
by Ronald A.King November 19, 2005
Bigamy is defined as having one wife too many.

See monogamy.
He practiced bigamy. He had one wife too many.
by Gandalf2349 December 20, 2005
The instance of having TWO wives.

the clue is in the Prefix 'Bi' - meaning two.
Having multiple wives is known as 'Polygamy' - not Bigamy
When John married Lisa, he was still legally married to Danielle, even though they were separated. Therefore John had committed Bigamy by marrying Lisa
by DutchCappedCrusader June 01, 2015
A kind of awkward word for your last name to derive from if you're a girl.
Jacklyn: Hello! I'm Jacklyn Bigam!
Random person: Bigam...? As in...?
Jacklyn: Bigamy. Yes. Shut up now.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 05, 2006
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