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4 definitions by Bobby the Blobber

Ozzy Rulz....
Rock'N ROLL!!!
God Bless you all!
Ozzy is a sick guy but he plays metal like a god
by Bobby the Blobber July 23, 2003
201 56
Best fucking game ever made... (I finished it in 3 days, but well, played, like, 5hours/day, loll)
Chrono Trigger
by Bobby the Blobber March 08, 2003
184 47
a kikass metal band
drowning pool:a kikass metal band
by Bobby the Blobber March 25, 2003
104 48
just the fucking first letters of the keyboard, dunno why some bastards ade a piano company with it... they were kinda imagination-free
qwertyuiop (full name)
by Bobby the Blobber March 08, 2003
10 27