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A mixed up race, from WASPS people, from french from german from italians from africans from indians.

They own the most powerful country in the world, country leaded by a no brain man..

Some of them are really fat some of them really stupid, some of them really nice, some of them really clever, a melting pot...

A way of leading the world which make all over the world hate them.. A strange conception of the word freedom.
HAS TO RECONSIDER His place and his foreign politic
by Bobby Digital June 02, 2003
Short for Lincoln Navigator, a high end luxury sport utility vehicle.
Did you see that 'gator on 22's?
by Bobby Digital March 07, 2004
A large areola or "nipple" when referring to a woman's breasts; or a woman with large areolas or nipples. May refer to areolas that are oblong in shape.
She had nice tits, but when she took her shirt off she had straight six by nines.
by Bobby Digital October 27, 2006
Slang to describe a person who is very drunk. Probably refers to how european settlers bribed native North Americans with alcohol thus causing an alcoholism problem with native people.
Did you see Joe at the bar last night, he was totally native!
by Bobby Digital March 11, 2005
The hardest gang in the world
thats yardy
by Bobby Digital April 26, 2003

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