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One who eats bad food like candy, frozen pizzas, otter pops, pop tarts, and so on and doesn't eat any healthy food. Reflects that of a college diet. The person does not even need to be fat to be a fatty cakes, they can be skinny and eat a whole lot of crappy food.

Also refers to a Donut.
Yo hommie you are such a fricken fatty cakes put down the swedish fish and cheese cake. Fricken Fatty cakes.

That chick is skinny but she is one fatty cakes.

Hey officer how did your fatty cake taste.

by Bobby Bogelheimer April 13, 2008
a long blistering fart, that ends with a stain in the britches. Often smells like the stool of a Saint Bernard. It leaves the cheeks wet and chafed, from the air ripping through the butt cleavage.

Slang for foogybizzle is foogy
Oh my Gosh that chick defiantly dropped a foogybizzle, you can see it running down her thigh.

Check this out guys, I'm about to rip a foogy.
by Bobby Bogelheimer April 13, 2008

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