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Winterize is related to sork'd and refers to the business traveller that suffers a self-inflicted sork-ing: meaning that no one is buying or bringing them alcoholic drinks, instead they consume them all on their own and get smashed at a business event. Term originates from the northern activity of pouring chemicals into vehicles and pipes to prepare them for a long winter storage (nap), as "winterizing" typically results in a business traveller sleeping through the next day's meetings as they suffer through the Malaysian Flu.
Erin got winterized last night and is now suffering from the Malaysian Flu
by Bobby Blackeyes January 18, 2009
Malaysian Flu is the disease suffered by a business person who has been sork'd (getting 'so wrecked' at a business party) and consists of vomitting, headaches, stomach issues, over-sleeping meetings, etc. Sometimes, the Malaysian Flu is incorrectly attributed to a bad combination of meds and alcohol, but really it's just the result of having consumed way too much alcohol. Named for a business traveler who suffers this condition while traveling on a business trip to Malaysia.
Kirk is suffering from the Malaysian Flu this morning and will not be attending the general session.
by Bobby Blackeyes January 18, 2009
Getting laid off or fired from work. Its a play on rolling hard numbers playing craps. Since a hard-5 is not possible it means you won't be a winner.
Erin winterized at the kickoff event and rolled a hard-5 the next day.

We got acquired last week and a bunch of people rolled a hard-5.
by Bobby Blackeyes April 01, 2009
A condition where someone's eyes point in opposite directions. May also be used as a nickname for someone who experiences this condition while drunk.
Everytime he gets drunk, he gets east-west.
by Bobby Blackeyes February 28, 2008
An abbreviated form of "SO wRecKeD"; referring to a person that is the life of the business party that everyone is buying alcoholic drinks for. Unwisely, the person consumes everything handed to him/her and suffers a negative impact the following day(s). After having been "sork'd" the person finds it near impossible to attend scheduled meetings the following day. If on a business trip, the "sork'd" person may also need to reschedule travel plans to allow proper time to recuperate. This term is related to two other terms: Malaysian Flu and Winterize.
Joe got sork'd last night and didn't make the morning session. Hopefully he wakes up in time to make his flight home.
by Bobby Blackeyes June 16, 2010
The time a businessman spends passed out on the hotel lobby floor after consuming too much alcohol at a business event. A sabbatical is often the result of someone that has Winterized or been sork'd
Joe attended the awards dinner last night and then went on sabbatical.
by Bobby Blackeyes July 12, 2011
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