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Verb - to holly - to appear as though you're doing work, but actually doodling 'knowledge trees' and running a secret network of criminal organizations.
Yesterday I was doing work, but i was actually doing a holly.

I hollied all day long.
by Bobbick January 08, 2008
A term for a person (usually used for females only) who is one or all of the following:

A) Unreasonably violent.
B) Nice one minute, then suddenly lashes out in anger (though usually in a comic fashion).
C) Secretly mafia.
Example for A or B)
Person 1: (Is hit by person 2) Ow! You're such a josie, you know!
Person 2: (hits them again)

Example for C) Omg, have you heard? She's been a josie all along!
by Bobbick January 30, 2008
Short for crack cocaine, usually a white powdered solid.

Also known as 'knowledge trees', among other things.
GUY 1: Lets go get some crack.
by Bobbick January 08, 2008
Street for crack. Usually accompanied by 'hollying' (see definition of holly).
Yeah, I was doing knowledge trees yesterday.
by Bobbick January 08, 2008
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