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Any extra income earned from sucking dick, performing fellatio, smoking the pole, playing the skin flute or whatever YOU and your click may call it. This type of income is generally not from your primary job/career rather, from blowing crank on the side.
Edgar: Damn girl! How can you afford such a nice ass car on your minimum wage job?

Evelia : Oh, I've been earning a sucklemental income on the corner of Guadalupe and 17th by gargling meat sticks.
by Bobbaganoosh81 August 02, 2011
Verb: the act of feeling sorry for someone due to their recent or constant lack of sexual activity and having sex with them anyway out of sympathy. Also known as a mercy hump.
Rob: "So, Chris swears he gonna get laid on his date tonight."

Josh: "The only way he's gettin any is if she gives him a sympathectomy."
by Bobbaganoosh81 December 05, 2010

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