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A combination of a ninja and a samurai. Has all the stealth and assassination skills of a ninja, and all the honor and swordsmanship skills of a samurai.
Uh, oh, a ninjamurai! Run!!!!!!!
by Bob882 August 30, 2004
A combination of moron and Nazi. An idiot who thinks his opinion is fact and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong and/or stupid. This behavior is not only moronic, but also discriminatory and evil, hence the name moronazi.
That Sealab2022 guy is such a moronazi!
by Bob882 November 23, 2004
The natural habitat of geeks. A very fragile environment, the disruption of even one small element could throw it out of balance permanently. That is why you must never pick on geeks.
Hey, let's go teach those geeks a lesson!

No, you don't want to mess with the geekosystem
by Bob882 October 26, 2004
A giant octopus that will cause the Apocalypse by smashing one of its tentacles down on each of the seven continents, and the 8th one in the ocean.
Beware the apoclyapus!!! Ooooh!!!
by Bob882 October 19, 2004
A rabid, psychotic fan of the tv show Inuyasha. Often found on the Adult Swim message boards, inufiends enjoy spamming and flaming anyone who disagrees with them about the show. They give all of the mature fans of the show a bad reputation. The term was coined by the Adult Swim message board member Spear - Chucker.
I got into a flame war with an inufiend. I think that they should just grow up.
by bob882 July 05, 2004
When your head is put back on.
I cut off some guy's head, but then I recapitated him.
by Bob882 December 07, 2004
An acient Roman poet who wrote the Metamorphoses, a famous epic poem. He was exiled from the Roman empire, and he lived out the rest of his life in isolation. Ovid's Metamorphoses was a major inspiration for the works of William Shakespeare.
Ovid was one of the greater poets of the classical Roman era.
by Bob882 August 26, 2004

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