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A lebanese actor with a badass 5 o clock shadow. He is somewhat better than Bob Saget and is constantly winning over audiences with his nice guy persona and witty charm.
Oh man, my girlfriend cheated on me two weeks ago at that party!
No way man...with who??
Tony Shalhoub.
by Bob OC Sluts June 20, 2005
A west coast punk band who started their musical carrer kicking major skateboard kid ass with fast paced, relentless, hardcore, simple music. Over the years their sound grew slower, their lyrics more poetic and their guitars drenched in effects. They are also famous for over-using the word "whoa" and for slow motion breakdowns and homosexually toned gothic imagery.
Hey man, you like that band AFI?
Only their old shit.
I concur.
by Bob OC Sluts June 20, 2005

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