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A syndrome in which one is standing within the confinement of a zoo. Then without warning a monkey jumps to the limb next to said person and releases a small to large burst of air from the buttock region. Sometimes, if lucky, a greasy release will expedite itself among the persons face leaving a stain that most call the mank, or monkey fart stain.
Did that stain come from a monkey fart?
by Bob Hester February 12, 2004
Often misspelled as dictator, a dick tater is a man or woman who:

1. Sucks dick while shucking a tater.
2. Cucumbers a man while making a salad.
3. All of the above

A noun, used to define a dick, penis, schlong, willy, knocker, doorhandle, flipper, lightswitch, mega whomp, googler, grapple, grapple hook, and flipschlinger.

This in turn added to the tater, being a round object usually stuck in something whether the ground or a bush, it is used in a thrusting manner until totally engrossed by those which are engrossing the grossage. If you understand the above reading please continue.

A Dick Tater usually is also mentioned in a childs school book as Adolf Hitler or Barney, depending on age.

See dick.
That man thinks he is a Dick Tater!@!@!
by Bob Hester February 13, 2004
See monkey fart for new definition.
That looks like Mank!
by Bob Hester February 13, 2004
A young lad usually ranging from the ages 12-18 whoring himself to young lads of both sexes. This of course making him not such a poor boy due to costs and inflamation in the economy and boy beef. Newspaper boys, usually taking the roll of a poor boy, make time to become boy whores who will soon sell themselves other than papers. Also known as laddy meat a poor boy will become known throughout his hometown and by the legal age of 21 will become a man whore often being ugly perhaps with the face of a bastard cat.
The poor boy blew hard!
by Bob Hester February 13, 2004

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