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4 definitions by Bob Frapples

Small spirit that lives inside all living things. In times of extreme emotion, it leaves the body.

Alt. spellings: Bajeezus, Ba-Jesus
"Holy crap, you scared the Bajesus outta me!"
by Bob Frapples March 19, 2004
A bitch that isn't yours
Yo dawg!!!! thats nachobitch
by Bob Frapples April 07, 2004
1) a strange homosexual living in upstate new york 2) one having no problem annying others 3)an "Ass" 4) one who enjoys death, mutilation and destruction
assasinofdemise is a real prick
by bob frapples December 24, 2004
When a woman chokes on the male organ
Cindy Moked on Tom at the party
by Bob Frapples November 11, 2003