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3 definitions by Bob CHC

1) A person who is able to destroy a once classy 50 year old company/organization in 10 years or less.

2) A pompous ass.
I bought walmart and pulled a Peter Angelos, now nobody likes Walmart anymore.
by Bob CHC January 27, 2005
What you call of person who has zero accountability, nor does he expect it from the people around them. Able to blame 60 years of problems on a governor who has not served even one term.
I was elected mayor of a shit-hole of a city in 1999, and a I pulled a Martin O'malley by blaming a governor that did not run until 2002.
by Bob CHC January 27, 2005
1)adj. A Jamaican woman who belches uncontrollably.

2) n. Another name for Jamaican ladies fecal matter.
Definition #2- also known as a Jamaican beef pie.
by Bob CHC January 26, 2005