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When you begin your fantasy football draft, you first announce the 3 fart rule. This means that each franchise representative gets to fart twice with no penalty. On the third fart, that owner is forced to draft outside and must select a kicker with their next pick. Often times will also doom a team for the season. Creates some of the worst fantasy football karma.
Jack: (5:30 p.m.) The draft is now open as well as the 3 fart rule is now in effect.

Tim: (5:31 p.m.) Fart

Mike: That is one

Tim: (5:33 p.m.) Fart

Mike: that is two Duck, damn

Tim: (5:35 p.m.) Fart

League: Damnit Duck, that is 3. It smells like someone died down here, that is a serious flagrant fowl, and you just broke the 3 fart rule, enjoy Sebastian Janikowski as your franchise player.
by BoRo83 July 12, 2011

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