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The world's oldest religion. It's the world's most liberal religion, and is the only religion that teaches that it is completely acceptable to follow whatever religion one wishes, as long as you are benefitting positively and are helping people along the way. It does not have strict threats or eternal damnation, but it also does not have a heaven. Instead, Hindus are taught to be as kind-hearted as possible, because kindness in this life will benefit them in the next life. In the next life, they are expected to be even more kind. Basically, Hindus aren't allowed to be anything but nice. In Hinduism, followers are not forced to believe in "one true god" or "one true text." Instead, Hindus are taught that everyone is entitled to their belief. Hinduism holds a lot of science to it, which is peculiar because it is the oldest religion. It is considered the most-liked religion of people who don't follow it, the second being Pagans and the least-liked being Christianity.
My parents were born and raised Hindus, but chose science instead, becoming atheists. Because Hinduism encourages this, they were able to attend medical school and business school to learn more about math and science, and raised me to believe whatever I want. I chose atheism, but I still admire Hinduism for its ethics and beliefs.
by BoJason November 26, 2013

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