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San Ramon, CA is a small suburb in the eastern part of the bay area. Once a white, working class community, San Ramon is now becoming quite affluent with $1,000,000+ housing developments dominating the once rural landscape.

These new sections of San Ramon are populated mostly by Asian immigrants and their families. They usually move to San Ramon after living in San Jose, Fremont, or some other industrial part of the South Bay Area. These immigrant parents move out of these areas for the same reasons the white populations did in the 1970s.

Many of the children of these immigrants, being raised in the South Bay, have taken on the mannerisms and culture of the areas in which the once lived. Interestingly, the boys tend to think they are black, and behave in the traditional, suburban "wigger" style. They listen to loud hip hop in their even louder, "customized" Honda coupes. For the most part, these people are laughed at by the rest of the population who hope they grow out of it.

Unlike the boys, the girls seem more likely to realize that they are not black. Some however, think they are Hispanic and wear the garish makeup, clothes, and hair styles often found in the less affluent Mexican neighborhoods in San Jose.

Q: "Wat's that far away town all the Asians are moving to?"
A: "San Ramon"
by BoBOlee April 25, 2008

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