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25 definitions by Bo

Prepareing to do something.
OR Somthing you really don't wanna do but your baby mamma won't leave you alone.
I'm fixxinto go to the store after the game
by bo January 22, 2004
2 0
creep, weirdo, sketch ball
You are pachios for doing that.
by Bo April 02, 2005
3 6
a skool filled with hot grls but like no guys- theyre so damn ugly its not even funny!
* in the hallway *
N1- hottie?
N2- nottie... god theyre are no guys here
N1- lets go look @ mater dei
by Bo February 01, 2005
31 44
A mildly retarded sheep which exhibits self-destructive tendencies, and is good for kicking.
"Aww, man, that shep took it right in the face. Let's try again."
by Bo December 04, 2004
6 24
it a penis you stupid fucks don't you all listen to music
Call up your sister so I can get my duck sucked.
by bo January 22, 2004
3 23
When a guy bends over to pick something up, and a stranger drops your pants and shoves his penis up your ass without a warning.
"Dude, that guy got Hella SF'd on Castro St. a few nights ago. He hasn't walked straight since.."

by Bo March 10, 2005
10 33
the act of squaring an arbitrary letter for the purpose of sounding intelligent.
tammy fatfat told me she was skinny when i was drunk. in the morning i realized tammy fatfat was c^2 last night.
by bo November 22, 2004
4 28