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the literal definition of Hydroponic is "water working" or the greek words Hydro meaning Water and Ponos meaning Labor. Hydroponics is the process of of creating a system that is able to recirculate water while supplying the plants roots with nutrients in a completely soilless system.
john has a dope hydroponic system in his closet
by Blunt Trauma in san diego January 08, 2010
A none name brand lighter with the ability to remove the protective cover and adjust the flame to higher then normal function, making it eazier for tweakers to smoke methamphetamine.
Dude, whay did you get a Bic lighter? You should have brought a Tweaker Lighter, this shit "methamphetamine" is going to take forever to burn up in the pizo...
by Blunt Trauma in san diego January 08, 2010

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