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An excellent prank whereby you pee on a plate and then freeze it. Once frozen, it can be thrown like a frisbee or better yet, slid under a door. The victim wakes up to find a puddle of piss on their floor that they can't possibly explain.
That bitch thought she could talk trash about me, so last night I slid her a piss disk.
by Blue Jay Scott September 08, 2010
Having failed to shower in a few days, pubic hair begins to knot causing a painful pulling sensation.
I've been scratching like crazy, but I can't get rid of this pubic tangle.
by Blue Jay Scott December 31, 2009
The painful slits in your hands caused by carrying too many grocery bags. Reference to the Canadian grocery chain Loblaws.
I had to buy milk, eggs, fruit, and a bunch of meat. Walking home I developed some serious Lobclaws.
by Blue Jay Scott December 27, 2009
When, prior to consulting a professional, an unskilled moron tries to fix a partially broken item, but instead renders it completely useless in the process.
I prefixed my bike chain with some dish soap and a hair pin before taking it to the shop.
by Blue Jay Scott December 27, 2009
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