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7:07 AM (upside down, says LOL). When the alarm goes off again after you snooze it at 7:00. See also leg o'clock.
There's nothing funny about lol o'clock. It means we have to wake up.
by Blue Jack July 12, 2008
Taking a gap year between high school and university, and spending all year being a couch potato.
Towards the end of my nap year, I realised it might have been better to get a job.
by Blue Jack January 03, 2009
Quiz show broadcast around New Year, hosted by Jimmy Carr. 3 teams of celebrities answer questions about things which happened over the previous year. 12 rounds, one for each month. Regular celebrity contestants include Noel Fielding, Russell Brand and David Mitchell.
Lol, Noel and Russell just built battlements out of a banana on Big Fat Quiz of the Year.
by Blue Jack July 05, 2008
6:37 AM. The time your alarm goes off again when you hit the snooze at 6:30.

Upside-down, 6:37 becomes LE:g
1: What's time?
2: Leg o'clock.
1: That exists?
2: It's 6:37 AM.
1: There's a 6:37 in the morning?
by Blue Jack May 31, 2008
A hot chocolate-flavoured drink containing little or no actual chocolate.
What can I get you to drink? Tea? Coffee? Not chocolate?
I'll have a not chocolate, please.
by Blue Jack January 02, 2009
1) The Winter Olympics event otherwise known as 'tea tray race', to see who can go fastest down a track head first on a toboggan.
2) Russel Brand and Noel Fielding's goth detective, made up after a question about the Olympic event on 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year' 2006. Goth Detectives was used as their quiz team name on Big Fat Quiz 2007.
1) Competing in bob skeleton? Are you suicidal?
2) I wanna see them make a series of Bob Skeleton's adventures!
by Blue Jack July 10, 2008
Where there seems to be an emotional connection or sexual tension between two characters from fiction, as if they could be in a relationship. Shippy scenes can inspire shipping.
That hug was so shippy... Ash and Misty are made for each other...
by Blue Jack July 11, 2008

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