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Vaginas on fat or obese girls/women.
Rosie O'Donells PORKGINA reeks to high hell.

Star Jones maybe skinny now she'll always have a PORKGINA!

by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
A gaping hairy vagina resembling a Yawning Buffalo. Quite foul in smell, it's very unkempt and vile. Normally found on hippie whores; those of a Free Spirit and willing to fuck you at The Burning Man Festivals and Rainbow Gatherings.
There was this chick we all banged at the our last Rainbow gathering and after all 12 of us had our way with her, her patchuoli smelling yawning buffalo squirted a bowl full of man-porridge.
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
Old saggy vadge lips or abnormally huge labia majoras; mythical cunt lips on women of loose morals. Piss Lips are what most busted old whores end up with in the putird old age of 60 and up...
Your mothers piss flaps are a dark black on the outer edges, blending into a dark brown going in and finally a rashy-pink at her sad dry entrance.

She needs to stop pissing in the river, her piss flaps will catch parsitic cheese!
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
The Vagina on a Transgender woman. It either looks like a really hairy belly button or like a gaping cow vagina after birthing a calf. Very typical of the kind of vaginas Trannie's recieved from sex changes in the 70's and early eighties...See Sulka, Trannie from the Video "Divine Attrocities." Also women whose vaginas have already seen better days; usually after having had 5 kids.
I went in for sexual reassingment surgery and ended up with a cow pasture pussy.

I can smuggle Vicodin, Roach Pills and Valium from Mexico in my cow pasture pussy and pass through customs.

I found wild hallucinagenic mushrooms in your mom's cow pature pussy.

by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
1.(adj.vb. adv.)Having very Dykey qualities or the state of being Lesbian like; lesbian like qualities, either Lipstick Saddist or Big Butch Bull-Daggerish in features and actions. Having lesbian like desires or desiring other women.
"Your mom looks rather Lesbocious all clad in flannel and birkenstocks with that Paige Boy Haircut."

"Tina has been fixating on her Lesbocious thoughts and quckly relieved herself by a 10 minute multiple orgasmed finger-bang in the restroom stall at work."

"Sister Martin looks like she had a hard Lesbocious past before entering the nunnary."
by Blu Finger April 04, 2008
A woman of loose morals, even looser genitals. When a woman loses vaginal tightness and grip, she must resort to extreme measures by doing the obvious, tying up her bits to appear Like A Virgin for every encounter with every Tom Dick and Harry...or Tom, whose dick is hairy.
Your granny's been around the block. My grandpa told me that she had a drawstring pussy before she was 21...he had her back in 1945.

It's really difficult curing a yeast infection when you got a drawstring pussy; it's quite messy and hard to deal with.
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
Fat irritating girl or boy
Your fat fucking sister is such a chunkroid!

If you don't shut up, I'll tell every one you slept with that chunkroid, Charlie!
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008

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