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The Rusty Dusty is accomplished by double penetration of a woman during her period. The ensuing mess in her pubococcal region is a rusty dusty color.
Jane's on the rag but willing, so let's go give her a rusty dusty.
by BlowFelt March 09, 2007
That device or method used by a dude to catch the output of a fantastic whack session. Commonly fulfilled by a sock in adolescence due to its ability to hide the evidence in the laundry.
Paul is home alone tonight, but I see he's got a box of Puffs around to use as a whack catcher.
by BlowFelt July 20, 2011
Someone who does not wash their bellend as often as they should,
He had a cracking cock but when i went down it turn out he was a cheese merchant
by Blowfelt January 23, 2015

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