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Something to be said when you run out of stuff to say in an internet chatroom. Not as gross as it sounds.
prplppltr1: ...
hawtchick12: ...
prplppltr1: welp, time to shoot the monkey
hawtchick12: eww
by BloodSugarLQ September 09, 2011
Somebody who has a lot of bad urban dictionary entries about him.
Justin Bieber: One time one time.

Everyone: I'm soo gunna put something on urban dictionary about this guy.
by BloodSugarLQ June 26, 2011
A mythical character, much like bigfoot. Originally made up by the democratic party in an attempt to make republicans look crazy. Soon afterward they realized they were doing a good enough job of that themselves, they tried to eliminate her but McCain had already chosen her as his vice presidential canidate. Played on the Fox sitcom Fox News by Tina Fey. Twitter account is run by Jimmy Helms, a 13 year old kid from Chicago.
Person 1: Dude! we went camping this weekend and i think we saw Sarah Palin!

Person 2: Dude, everyone knows she is just an urban legend.
by BloodSugarLQ June 23, 2011
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