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a versitile name for someone. can mean anything from loser to idiot to cool person. basically, it's a title to confuse people.
DUDE! You're such a chigget!

Uh.. thanks i think

Yeah, i mean it in the good way
by blob December 26, 2004
One of those purchaised items which usually ends up miraculously falling apart within a few seconds of use, can be used as an expression.
That mother fucker fell apart like a bar cheeta
by Blob September 23, 2003
(1) The egg of a goose
(2) A moron, used as insult
(3)a term used for someone who lacks the skills to do anything right.
(4) proud conservative
(5) an insult to someone who is useless
"might aswell go lay an egg biatch"
by Blob September 24, 2003

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