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A now popular band from Newark, NJ who were signed to the indie lable Eyeball Records for their first album. They are now on Reprise and one of the most popular bands out there. Nearly all of their fans are idiots. Most people that bash them because they're popular are idiots too. I've always liked them and probably always will, biggest band on the face of the earth or not because I listen to what I like and I like mcr.
Musical Elitist Loser: So, what kind of music do you guys like?

Teenie Bopper: You know, Greenday, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance--

Me: Uh..I like mcr too...Stolen Babies, Leftover Crack, 'tis all cool by me.

Music Elitest Loser: My Chemical Romance are fucking stupid! They're so fucking emo and fake! Shitty sellouts!! That music sucks, do you know nothing??!

Teenie Bopper: omg, stfu! Mcr are hxc!

Me: Fuck you both.
by Blittenkyle May 26, 2006

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