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the covering layer a manager develops to make his staff think he actually cares about them. Subverted from 'emotional intelligence'.
jenny was really upset at work. I had to use emulsional intelligence to get her through it and back to her job.
by blisteredcanker March 25, 2010
subverted alternative management speak for the act of making someone think you care. Faked sincerity.
when my boss said he was sorry to see me go, he was showing simcerity...
by blisteredcanker March 25, 2010
in platonic or workplace relationships when you consider a friend of the opposite gender to be non-sexual, named after the style of moulded plastic underwear worn by the britsh toy 'action-man'. I.e. You can't find them sexual because from your point of view they lack genitals.
your friend Barbara is really hot, but I suppose you've known her such a long time she wears action-man pants...
by Blisteredcanker September 04, 2010

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