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4 definitions by BlindMan27

con-dum-send-ing "When you are trying to put your condom on and it flies off like shooting a rubberband."
" It was my first time and it was dark I was trying to put a rubber on and I slipped and sent my condomsending across the room."
by BlindMan27 January 27, 2009
huv-er-poo Too sit above the toilet to where your ass is not touching either because of a phobia, or it is too dirty.
"I went to a rest area and the port-o-potty's toilet seat was so dirty i had to take a hoverpoo to keep my bum clean."
by BlindMan27 January 27, 2009
rez-i-poon Sometimes wet, crusty, slimy and or sticky residue left on the penis after its removed from the Vagina.
"All of us where sitting in the living room and Jared came out of the back bedroom and said "what the hell is this?" While pointing down at his penis. We all said buddy thats resipoon.."

"Dude, the girl I met last night was like a porn star! After we had sex, she went down on me again and sucked off all the resipoon and got me going again!"
by BlindMan27 January 25, 2009
When someone Shits there pants after laughing so hard they cannot stop it from coming out.
After Bobby told a hilarious joke I was laughing so hard it was ShatNastic.
by BlindMan27 January 25, 2009