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3 definitions by Blee5192

A type of mood describe to be really rude, talking to his or herself and really touchy at times.
Right now you are being like a meiism.
by Blee5192 February 08, 2010
2 1
A last name for a young Japanese girl that works at a artificial drink store. i.e Quickly's or Tapioca Express
Hey ______ Fukuhara, how is work at Quickly's?
by Blee5192 February 08, 2010
1 2
A phrased used when someone is being stingy with their money. In other words, being really cheap.
Brian: *Put change in the tip box

Josh: *Takes the change back

Brian: Brahh!! "No Jew, No Jew"
by Blee5192 February 08, 2010
4 7