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A specialty move in the game of Gotcha. While an opponent's back is turned. You reach through the back his legs and place a firm grip on his wanker from below. Stealth and precision are keys to this move. If failed you will recieve a handful of testicals or taint. Be advised, no points are awarded for grabbing testicals or taint. When the move is executed, standard rules do apply. It is then manditory to yell Gotcha!
How did gotcha go last night? I lost in the last minute by a Tallahassee Trap Door. Fucker came out of no where!
by Bledsoe July 08, 2011
An individual sport played mainly in basements and hotel banquet rooms. Men square off against each other naked. Points are scored by obtaining a firm grip on another player's meatsicle. Bonus points are awarded for special moves or handicaps. Some of these include the Tallahassee Trap Door or playing with lubed rubber gloves. Upon execution of a full fist grip, it is a custom to belittle your opponent by screaming GOTCHA!
I pissed blood for a week from the last Gotcha Tournament.
by Bledsoe July 08, 2011

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