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A school located in Englewood, NJ in which some of the smartest kids in Bergen County walk amongst the most ghetto students from the school it shares an eye-appealing campus with, Dwight Morrow High School. The admissions process is highly selective, and although it is much easier to be admitted than the untouchable Bergen County Academies, the curriculum in both schools are similar. Unless you are prepared to be graded harshly, be loaded down with at least two hours of homework per night, and face vicious teachers you will never forget, do not apply here. Despite the time consuming work, you are guaranteed to meet true friends here that you will never forget, and will keep you laughing through your hardest days. By the time these students graduate, they have far exceeded the NJ credit requirements, giving ample opportunities for college acceptances. Also, do not come here in hope of playing for a well-known sports team, no one cares about the athletics here, everyone is too busy focusing on Mock Trial or the Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Fund.
8th Grader 1: Hey where are YOU going to high school next year?

8th Grader 2: The Academies @ Englewood!

8th Grader 1: Damn, you gonna be loaded down with work.

8th Grader 2: Yeah I know. /: But it will be worth it when I graduate, and I hear everyone's nice!
by Blawndness February 06, 2011

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